Marrakech to Rabat

The train schedule with prices below is correct as of 14 September, 2019.  The prices shown are for the Semi-Flex fare – there are also Non Flex and Flex fares available.  Schedules and prices change periodically so please check with us or at the ONCF website for the latest information.

Non Flex fares are not changeable and are non-refundable.

Semi Flex fares allow one free change in date or time of travel and refund 50% in case of cancellation up to 24 hours before the date/time of travel.

Flex fares allow unlimited changes and provide a full refund if cancelled up to 24 hours before the date/time of travel, or 80% refund if cancelled after the date/time of travel.

Rabat Ville
First Class
Semi Flex
Second Class
Semi Flex
04h5008h24197 Dh138 Dh
05h5009h24158 Dh111 Dh
07h5011h24197 Dh138 Dh
09h5013h24197 Dh138 Dh
11h5015h24197 Dh138 Dh
12h5016h24197 Dh138 Dh
13h5017h24197 Dh138 Dh
14h5018h24197 Dh138 Dh
16h5020h24158 Dh138 Dh
19h0022h34158 Dh138 Dh
21h0000h56197 Dh138 Dh