Marrakech to Agadir Bus Schedule

00h45 Supratours 04h15 120 MAD
05h00 Supratours 08h30 120 MAD
08h00 Supratours 11h30 120 MAD
10h00 Supratours 13h30 120 MAD
11h45 Supratours 15h15 120 MAD
12h45 Supratours 16h15 120 MAD
14h00 Supratours 17h30 120 MAD
14h45 Supratours 18h15 120 MAD
15h45 Supratours* 19h15 150 MAD*
16h45 Supratours 20h15 120 MAD
18h45 Supratours 22h15 120 MAD
20h45 Supratours 00h15 120 MAD
22h45 Supratours 02h15 120 MAD
* Confort Plus Service

Map with location of bus terminal (Gare Routiere) in Agadir

The Gare Routiere (bus terminal) in Agadir serves all bus companies, so both Supratours and CTM buses arrive and depart from this location. On Google maps, Google refers to it as “Station road travelers Agadir”