Difference between Non Flex, Semi Flex or Full Flex train fare?

Around the time of the launch of Morocco’s TGV service between Tanger and Casablanca in November 2018, ONCF also upgraded the fare and ticket system of the whole Moroccan rail network.
There are still two classes of carriage – First and Second class – only now, on most train journeys the traveller who purchases tickets in advance will be presented with three choices of fare:
Non Flex: no changes permitted and non-refundable
Semi Flex: allows one change to travel date or time of travel and 50% refund in case of cancellation before date/time of travel
Full Flex: allows unlimited changes and full refund if cancelled before date/time of travel, or 80% refund if cancelled after date/time of travel
Full schedules and prices are available at the ONCF website.

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