A message to our customers

Thank you all so much for the many messages of support we have received since Morocco closed it’s borders on March 16, 2020. A significant number of you were forced to abruptly cancel travel plans, some of you were already in Morocco and had to rush to the airport to get on one of the last flights out. We hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.


Update on refunds and rescheduling of travel

Dated 6 August, 2020

When you pay us for the tickets you have asked us to purchase on your behalf, we in turn then transfer your payment to the relevant transport provider – usually ONCF or CTM bus – when we purchase your tickets.  If you then require a refund, we submit a cancellation request to the relevant transport company on your behalf and then wait for the refund.  Once we receive the refund, we send it back to you.

Depending on the type of fare purchased, or the transport company, different cancellation and refund policies will apply. In the case of COVID-19, as the situation evolved, each company issued an updated policy.

In normal circumstances, all CTM bus tickets are non-refundable. The non-refundable stipulation has not changed, but CTM has stated that any tickets already purchased for a travel date after March 16 when all services were suspended can be rescheduled free of charge for a new travel date until the end of 2020. This change to travel date can be processed at any CTM agency on presentation of the tickets once normal service resumes.

For ONCF (Morocco train and Supratours bus services), if your tickets were refundable or semi-refundable, Marrakech Tickets submitted a cancellation request in March and we have since been advised by ONCF that refunds will only begin to be processed once normal train service resumes (ONCF has restarted a reduced train and Supratours bus service). At the moment full resumption of service is not expected until late August or September at the earliest. If you had purchased train tickets that were non refundable, ONCF has stated on their website that they will exchange tickets for travel for a travel date within six months of resumption of normal service.

We ask for your patience in these unusual times.