ONCF announced this Thursday, May 28, the gradual resumption of rail traffic from June 1.
(Reported in Medias24.com)

As the date approaches for the relaxing of existing COVID-19 quarantine conditions, on June 10, a press release from ONCF announced that it will increase, from June 1, the number of fast shuttle trains from 20 to 40 and that it will reopen the stations of Rabat-Agdal and Salé-Tabriquet.

The current priority of the ONCF, according to an authorised source, “is to strengthen the program of the Kenitra-Casablanca-El Jadida-Settat rail axis dedicated to commuting.”

The recovery will begin with the strengthening of the fast train offer.

“Knowing that we have seen an increase in demand, we have doubled the number of trains while respecting the rules of distance and the occupancy rate which must not exceed 50%.

“Thus, on the Casablanca-Rabat axis, we had 12 trains which went to 24 and for El Jadida-Settat, we went from 8 to 16 trains which means that in total, the offer went from 20 to 40 trains.

“In addition, all the Moroccan stations have been redeveloped with the implementation of social distancing measures via markings inside the stations or on the platforms, not to mention the availability of hydroalcoholic gel everywhere, including in the trains, “confirmed a source.

Asked about the date of resumption of the traffic of the line trains (Al Boraq and Atlas) which are at a complete stop, our source affirms that all is ready but that the ONCF is suspended with the decision of the public authorities.

ONCF is ready to resume line train traffic.

“We still do not know if June 10 will correspond to the resumption of intercity connections but if this is the case, we are ready to meet the demand while respecting health rules.