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Supratours Bus

Supratours Bus

This summer, particularly the last few weeks, saw a lot of frustrated people who queued patiently at Supratours and then were not able to buy a ticket for the bus of their choice. Marrakech was so hot, and then after Ramadan most Moroccans were on holiday, and just about everyone with a spare day or two was fleeing the heat of the city for the relative cool of any coastal town in Morocco. The buses were selling out days in advance. To make things worse, the Supratours computer system crashed a couple of times and was down for several hours.

Booking a Supratours bus ticket in advance is highly recommended to avoid frustration, wasted time, and to simply ensure that your travel plans around Morocco go smoothly and without a hitch!

Supratours Timetable

The Supratours Bus timetable is part of the ONCF train timetable so it is easy to find departure times using our live feed from the ONCF website. Once you have an idea of your preferred departure time, contact us using the Booking Form at the right side of any page of this website and we can start the quick process of booking your Supratours Bus Tickets.