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Marrakech Tickets was founded in 2013 and since then we have helped over 8,000 travellers plan their adventure trips around Morocco. Marrakech Tickets is your go-to service for accurate travel information and buying tickets for train (ONCF), Supratours and CTM bus travel in Morocco!

Morocco Train Tickets

Electronic tickets are now available for purchase online for both Morocco train and Morocco bus services, although many times the purchase may be unsuccessful when attempting to pay with an international bank card. Tickets will be sent by email directly from ONCF or CTM and can be shown on a smartphone or printed out. ONCF is encouraging all passengers to purchase electronic tickets for easier compliance with the new travel conditions post COVID-19. The online purchase process can be a little daunting – it’s all in French – so if you have any doubts, Marrakech Tickets will be happy to provide this service for you.

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Good old fashioned paper tickets are also available for purchase in person at the respective ticket counters.  The paper tickets are actually much easier to exchange or obtain refunds on if your plans change – with electronic tickets you can make changes at the ticket counter – you’ll be reissued a paper ticket – but refunds must be applied for online and can take several months.  Tickets are typically available for purchase between 30 to 90 days in advance of the date of travel. If you are on a tight schedule or need to make a connection, it is advisable to ask us to buy your tickets for Morocco rail travel in advance.

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Supratours Morocco Bus Tickets

Supratours is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company ONCF, which is the Morocco train company. One of the pioneers of international travel in Morocco, Supratours offers bus transport to France, Spain and Italy.

The Morocco network spans the entire Moroccan Kingdom and includes over 60 agencies. All agencies are located in town centres or adjacent to the train station, facilitating arrival and departure transport connections.  The main city agencies are Supratours owned, while in smaller cities the agencies may be independent Supratours agencies.  It is possible to purchase combination train and Supratours bus tickets to complete a journey where the train service is not available until the final destination.

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CTM Bus Company

The CTM bus company is a public company whose shares are traded on the Casablanca Stock Exchange.  CTM services over 100 destinations in Morocco that include some of the same routes as the Supratours bus company, and also services exclusively the popular route between Fes and Chefchaouen. CTM also services over 60 destinations in France and Spain.

The company has a fascinating and rich history – it was founded on 30 November, 1919, and is the oldest Moroccan public transport company. It was established with the goal of accessing “all of Morocco”, inspired by an earlier trip to France in 1912 by Sultan Abd al-Hafid.  The idea was to use the newly created colonial road system to link all major towns and cities.  In the early days, the vehicles used were repurposed World War I military machines, and second class passengers would travel on the roofs of these vehicles.  You will be glad to know that is no longer the case!

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