About Us

My name is Hassan and I am the inspiration behind our service to buy your advance train, Supratours and CTM bus tickets in Marrakech.  I will be responsible for purchasing your tickets once your order and payment is processed. I will then deliver an envelope with the tickets to reception at your Marrakech accommodation the day you arrive in Marrakech.  10% of the service fee you pay is donated to a Marrakech children’s charity, but we don’t just hand over the money, we find out what they need and purchase it for them, meaning that 100% of your contribution directly benefits the children.

Marrakech Tickets has been operating since 2013 – we’ve provided our service to literally thousands of travellers.

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Marrakech Tickets is an independent registered company. We have no affiliation with ONCF, Supratours or CTM. We simply provide a friendly service to purchase and deliver tickets for travelers in Marrakech. Stress free!