Morocco Rail Tickets

Morocco Rail Ticket Marrakech to Tanger

Morocco Rail Ticket Marrakech to Tanger

Morocco Rail Tickets Explained

Morocco Rail Tickets contain a lot of useful information! Along the very top of the ticket in bold print is the city of departure and arrival, so in the case of the rail ticket above, it is for a journey from Marrakech to Tanger, or Tangier.  On the far right at the top is printed “Couchette“, which means this ticket is for a berth in the night train from Marrakech.

On the next line down below Marrakech A Tanger, it states the time of departure and the date of departure. In the case of the Morocco Rail Ticket above, the train departs at 20:55 on 31/08/2013. It is important to verify the departure time as it may vary slightly by a few minutes from the departure time you may have seen on a printed timetable.

In the main body of the ticket is the really pertinent information to help you find your seat or berth on the train. On the couchette ticket above, starting from the left, you will see Place, Compart, Voiture, Changement. Our customer who is travelling on Saturday 31 August, 2013 from Marrakech to Tanger has been allocated Place 26 (in this case it is a bed, but on a regular train it would be a seat). Place 26 is located inside Compartment No. 2, which is found in Voiture 1 (the carriage numbered 1 on this train to Tanger).

If there was a requirement to change trains along the route, the station where the change was to be made would be stated in the box for Changement. In the case of the night train from Marrakech to Tanger, there is no requirement to change trains. It is a direct service non-stop from Marrakech.

Towards the bottom of the rail ticket at the left is the price of the ticket in Moroccan Dirhams, in the case of the “couchette” ticket the price is 350 dirhams.

Finally at the bottom right of the rail ticket in smaller print is the time and date the ticket was purchased. In this case, Hassan purchased the ticket at the Marrakech Train Station at 14:23:15 on 22/08/2013.

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